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Get The Full Benefits Of Offshoring With Us

For example, a US company may choose to offshore its manufacturing process to Mexico due to the region’s lower wages. Mexico’s minimum wage is a fraction of the minimum wage for U.S. workers. It offers advantages like easier access to resources and specialized suppliers.

For back-office staff, our annual retention rate is in excess of 98% p/a and for customer service staff it is in excess of 90% p/a. We offer an end-to-end offshoring service that includes recruitment, HR, IT, infrastructure, employee engagement, and team management and support. We pride ourselves on service delivery excellence and that includes an excellent value for money. All of our costs are detailed so there’s no surprises or hidden fees, making it crystal clear for you to see exactly how much value you’re getting when you outsource with Diversify. Contrastingly, with offshore outsourcing your business has more flexibility and is not permanently attached to its outsourcing company. Offshoring is when you move your business processes to a different country.

benefits of offshoring

Did you know that you can pay a specialist as little as USD $1,500 a month to perform services such as graphic design, SEO or web design? You’ll fill positions fast and start onboarding them since offshore workers are in high supply. Offshoring only requires you to draw up an offshoring contract that clearly outlines your expectations, staff deliverables, and compensation.

Key Benefits Of Offshoring

Those are the reasons that convinced to reach out to Ukraine for assembling their professional R&D team. The process of hiring qualified engineers as a part of launching an offshore development center was fully delegated to Alcor. It took us one month to successfully set up an R&D office and hire over 25 talented IT specialists.

Higher flexibility of your business is an extra advantage you get with offshoring. The availability of human resources will make it easier for you to extend your activities and find new employees. In case you plan to expand, offshoring will provide you with more talent and less major obstacles in a relatively short time. To increase income, companies seek ways to optimize expenses, and hiring lower-paid human resources may seem a solution. In such a situation, the market for IT specialists in developing countries such as Ukraine (with up to 70% lower salaries) offers an excellent opportunity.

This generation is extremely tech savvy having technology present from the time they were born. They quickly adapt to new trends and have a great capacity for learning and retention of new processes. Offshoring is a brilliant way to build your business’s global presence. Think about it; having workers from all over the world gives you more brand exposure. Once you provide your staff with the skills required to reach their full potential, they’ll reward you with their best work and loyalty.

You relocate activities to an offshore location but continue to manage them from within your company. When you have an offshore company in another country, your international labor force can help you explore new markets in different overseas locations. Government grants are often coupled with other financial incentives such as tax holidays to make offshoring relocation more affordable for foreign businesses. By sourcing labor and production from countries with cheaper costs of living and doing business, companies can save a significant amount of money. Outsourcing takes this approach one step further by delegating work to other companies or individuals rather than doing it internally.

Having different time zones and workforce ready for 24/7 operations gives you an outstanding opportunity to support your clients when they need it. Techno Global Team helps you achieve high quality and scaleable growth to expand your business by embracing a cost-effective and passionate workforce. The Philippines is thriving with cultural diversity, prosperity and has a vast talent pool of young eager workers.

benefits of offshoring

They get to work when they’re most productive, unlike outsourced staff who even on their worst day must typically sit in an office all day to deliver results for the client. Since offshore worker earnings are determined by work output, you can be sure they will deliver high-quality work on time. If you’re thinking of offshoring, rest assured that there is a pool of dedicated, competitive workers ready to work with you. Technological advancement is slowly phasing out the 9-5 work dynamic and emerging generations now aspire to be global employees.

Naturally, offshoring of IT services is quite different in all facets from in-house management. To see whether it fits your business, let’s learn about possible limitations. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development. Have you ever wondered why both of these terms- offshoring and outsourcing are often interchanged or misunderstood by one another? It is because both these terms are mostly used together and offer special aids to businesses when utilized appropriately.

Improved Control On Operations

You must obtain professional or specialist advice before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content in this publication. The information in this publication does not constitute legal, tax or other professional advice from TransferWise Limited or its affiliates. We make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content in the publication is accurate, complete or up to date. Once you’ve decided the areas of operation you wish to offshore, the second step is deciding on the location they will be offshored to. This is due to the fact that working conditions can be poor and wages are significantly lower than in the business’s home market.

  • While many people believe they understand the essence, they often mistakenly use this term as a synonym for outsourcing.
  • Take this point into consideration and choose your partners thoughtfully.
  • It not only enables them to be more economical but also helps in paying more attention on core activities of business.
  • This saves you a ton of money and effort than maintaining your HR and recruitment team.
  • Finally, it’s important to note that the offshore outsourcing definition can vary depending on the country where the offshore workers are located.
  • When companies offshore all its other activities then they have more time to deal with their core business.
  • Local market knowledge gives your business access to multiple suppliers, leading to increased access to a wider range of resources, as well as better prices.

Businesses enjoy lower labor costs and have access to a larger pool of talent. By carefully considering these benefits and working with a trusted partner who has experience in offshoring, businesses can successfully expand their operations to other countries. Tonic Health is a product tech company from the US that ventured to enter the Ukrainian labor market to build a team of developers. Having no recruitment providers, the company faced the challenge of hiring senior engineers… Apart from data security, there is also a set of laws of the offshore country to abide by.

Major Limitations Of Offshoring Finance Functions

Many businesses are slowly reevaluating their processes, and if you haven’t started planning out your strategies yet, now is the time to start doing so. Spend more time with your family or doing the things you love, by freeing yourself from the day-to-day task of running a business. You can offshore PA/EA, Bookkeeper or Accountant to help you and your team.

Thus, you may need to consider like-minded cultures with a similar work ethic. Sometimes you may feel that your project is going slower than expected. However, due to little control over your partners’ day-to-day work, it may be hard to detect what exactly has gone wrong. Therefore, you might find yourself in a position of accepting any explanations you are given. To avoid delivery delays you have to ensure that offshoring operations are managed on time.

Captive offshoring allows your business greater control over its foreign operations, resulting in better knowledge of the local market. This can lead to lower costs in the long run, as better relationships can be built with local suppliers. Lauren Soucy is the VP of Marketing for Time Doctor, the world’s leading time tracking and productivity software.


Goods are imported from foreign markets to domestic markets by the retailers. Have left their jobs, creating a discrepancy between the demand for staff and the supply of available talents who want to fill those roles. Free up internal resources from doing mundane task, they can be more beneficial to the business and satisfied doing more complex tasks. On average, Philippines introduces 350,000 new graduates to the workforce every year.

benefits of offshoring

And secondly, a long-term presence is likely to help build better relations with third parties in the local market, leading to a greater understanding of the local consumer. Additionally, it also protects your business’s information from being shared, as no third-parties are involved – all the operations are internal. Google Drive is a popular file-sharing program that lets you share files with your remote team and collaborate on documents with ease. ClickUp is a project management tool that can help streamline work, particularly if you’ve got distributed or remote workers.

Risks To Data Security And Intellectual Property

If you want to gain insights into your remote workers’ performance, you need a powerful productivity management app like Time Doctor. Although the principles of offshoring and outsourcing sound similar, the execution strategy is what makes them different. As a business owner, you need to understand the key differences between the two terms. In addition to the offshore software development benefits lower labour cost, offshoring can also reduce or even eliminate the cost of recruitment. It is important to consider enlisting the help of experts in the industry to best know the options that are out there internationally if considering offshoring. Thank you for your interest in receiving free access to HelioNext’s Accounts Receivable dashboard (A/R).

Offshoring manufacturing is when businesses relocate their manufacturing or production operations to another country. It allows businesses to capitalize on benefits like reduced costs and skilled workers. And unlike outsourcing, it enables greater control over each manufacturing activity.

The government in offshoring countries also allow tax grants and financial incentives to international businesses as a way to boost their economy. For instance, the Philippines’ government follows a set of regulations to invite foreign direct investment . One of the long-term benefits of offshoring is that you get to reduce or even eliminate fixed costs like recruitment. Offshoring service providers can regulate manpower demands in accordance with your business requirements.

Previous money laundering and tax scandals have only increased the scrutiny on offshore projects and investors offshoring to these destinations. Certain countries offer tax incentives to foreign businesses and investors. The favorable tax regimes in these countries are designed to promote a healthy investment ecosystem that attracts outside interest and wealth.

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