TWOSUN is one of the export brands of a large small construction equipment manufacturer in South Korea .

Developers of the brand have continued to expand and expand their business domains since being funded in 1986 . TWOSUN manufactures small construction equipment such as concrete vibrator , flexible pump , plate compactor , portable cabling .

One of our most important benefits is that metal enters our warehouses as ingots and natural rubber and synthetic rubber materials . And finally you'll see the product at the factory outlet . Producing 0 to 100 products in a factory means commitment , quality and skill in production . One might argue that the most important thing that sets the company apart from its competitors is the monolith produce .

The company has exported its products to many countries in the Middle East , Central Asia and Europe in cooperation with its distribution partners . Since 2005 TWOSUN has been producing high quality equipment including vibration rollers , plate compactors , concrete cutting machines , flexible pumps , concrete vibrators and more .

TWOSUN also does its best to study and develop various types of equipment to meet different customer needs .

Kariz Group is the sole representative of this company in Iran and Middle East .

TWOSUN is grateful once again and will always strive to be of service and support you .

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