Penguin :

Penguin is one of the export brands of a factory with more than 67 years' history (founded in 1951) professional production . The factory is located in Shandong advanced and new industrial development area .

Five factories with different production lines for different products, researching and designing new machinery .

The company manufactures pesticides and pruning machines . Penguin is a subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industries Carter . A large group that conducts research, production and trade in a wide range of agricultural industries in China .

production lines

>> Small, two-stroke, four-stroke  gasoline engines, from 1 hp to 30 hp

>> Gardening machines, including bush cutter, blower and more

>> Plant protection machines, including fog sprayers, water pumps and more .

>> Forest protection machinery; such as fire extinguishing equipment

>> Penguin Small Construction Machinery

Competitive advantages

Technical Innovation

>> Accredited National Research and Development Center

>> National Accredited Laboratory

>> China-Japan Joint Research Center

Quality control system

>> ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & SA 8000 system

Technical equipment and human resources

>> Advanced equipment imported from USA, Japan, Germany, Italy and so on

>> 1200 pcs casting equipment, machining, coating, plating, heat treatment and more .

>> Skilled workers

All of these are the benefits of the Penguin brand in the agricultural machinery industry . And it is backed by the fact that the Penguin brand is recognized as a quality brand in agricultural machinery production .

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