Introduction to the Kariz group

Kariz group has been working in the field of supplying agricultural, industrial and construction spare parts and machinery since 1986. And the only purpose of Kariz group since its inception has been to provide high quality products.

This group has been one of pioneer to introduce new products into the country’s agricultural industry.

The Brands which have introduced by this group to the Iran market:


ETQ is one of the best brands of gasoline and diesel engines in the small sizes and generators with power less than 20KVA. In fact ETQ is a part of KOHLER which is a powerful industrial carter. Kariz group is the agent of ETQ in Iran.


Although in the field of small linear pumps and submersible pumps and single-phase deep well submersible pumps, our country market is saturated by multiple brands. But Pelikum has become the best with two points. First point is high quality and second one is good price. The Kariz group pumps supplier is Pelikum too.


Shandong’s huge industrial group which is known Shandong’s industrial giant, has been the first rank in the field of agricultural machinery production in China in the China agricultural machinery manufacturers more than 10 years.
This group has employed Japanese and German technicians, especially engineers from 
STIHL‘s German. Especially that some of STIHL‘s products are produced in this industrial giant;
This industrial group has launched a brand that called Penguin into overseas markets. Penguin’s products has been introduced to the Iran market by the Kariz group.


After new developments in the agriculture mechanization, the Kariz group introduced the new products of cultivator’s producer with Yugmar brand which produced in Turkey to the Iran agricultural machinery market.
But the Chinese manufacturers entered the arena as soon as possible. And so on the this group was concluded to get started in the Chinese market with a strong manufacturer of this products with high quality. After much research and check out multiple this group found the strong manufacturer of the cultivators with ROOSTER brand.
ROOSTER’s products have become in to Iran’s agricultural market by Kariz group. In the cultivator’s field, the ROOSTER’s high quality’s products has found a good market in the Iran by this group.


Because the Iranian pump market has captured is by low quality brands and low prices brands; The Kariz group decided to introduce a new brand more affordable than Pelikum and more competitive with the Iran pump’s market. The Kariz group’s decision center suggested, especially by lowering the profit margin, the GULLY brand. After that GULLY has entered in the Iran market and it is growing in popularity. With consumers support for GULLY’s products, and the hardworking of our partners at this group for Introducing the high-quality products won’t be unanswerable.


Given that Swedish and Japanese brands in the arena of light construction machinery market because of the very high prices lost their market rapidly in Iran. And the TWOSUN Korean brand has competed with other Korean and Chinese competitors in this market since those days.
Kariz group always strives for superior quality. This brand is well supported still this purpose.
This group by introducing owns brands to the country’s market of the industrial agriculture and construction equipment has taken a new step in this market. Practitioners of the Kariz group hope to bring satisfaction to dear consumers. This group always is waiting to hear the problems of the consumers for better service.